Walthers 2021 National Model Railroader's Build Off

So I've decided to take a short detour down the Walther's National Model Railroader's Build Off. Initially I'll post information about the contents of the Individual Class Coal Country kit. I just received most of the kit on 2/9/2021. The track appears to have been shipped in a different package, which seems reasonable since its dimensions are considerably different than the rest of the pieces. The kit cost $100 + shipping. If purchased the pieces individually it would have cost $184.83 the full prices or $173.83 with the sale prices. If you are a part of the Year Master's Club you get the 10% of which brings the price down to $90 + free shipping, seemed like a good deal to me even if I don't win the contest.

Package Contents:

For more information about joining the contest visit the Walther's 2021 NRMBO website The contest began 2/2/2021. All entries must be by 5/30/2021. Winner announcements will be in July of 2021. So until 5/30/2021 I plan on reviewing each of the items in the Kit. 


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