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Logging Car

When I was in high school I purchased set of logging cars for my Sumpter Valley logging engine. Unfortunately it appears that Roundhouse Products doesn't make them anymore. I've seen a couple on eBay but figured they would be easy enough to build on my 3d printer. I'll post my work stl files on Thingiverse ( ) So far I have a working car with the couplers at the right height. Download the STL files and added 2x  #5 Kadee couplers with draft box  - Only the bottom half is used. 4x  33" Walthers metal wheels 2x 2mm wood screws 2x (2mm & 3mm) wood screws

Introduction to Vine and Branches Railroad

Vine and Branches is a small 9x6 HO scale model railroad named after a nearby road and a branch of the railroad that services the logging industry, pun intended, the name also references John chapter 15 Back in high school I built up a nice outside L shaped layout that is still at my parents house today. When I moved out we created a nice module system that I could take with me but it has been put on the back burner until a little of train engines in this house have motivated me to put some more work into it. At this point you will be able to go around the layout twice before covering the same track twice. There will be an upper and lower section. The roster theme will be Great Northern. Industries: Coal mine or gravel pit Lumber camp Sawmill Lumber yard Train Station/Team track Track plan, progress and project photos soon to follow.