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Keeping up with shipping demands

Every available shipping option has been put into service to keep up with the shipping demands this holiday season, even after the holiday season has come to a close.

Logging Cars in Action

 I've been using the logging cars with my Mantua 2-6-6-2 articulated logger and it has been working very well. I plan on making a couple more but given the size of my layout any more than 12 would be overkill. I have 3 other RoundHouse skeleton logging cars and if I get those running that brings me to 7 total. If I print 3 more that would give me the option if having 2 trains of 5 cars each. If anyone is interested getting a logging car, I'll send a free print to the first 5 people that leave a comment here and once the  Vine & Branches YouTube channel reaches 10 subscribers. You will be responsible for shipping costs.